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About me

Raised in an immigrant family, I understood very early on that the healthy enjoyment of food is integral to family life, and, as a young adult, decided to pursue a career in nutrition. Fast forward, and here I am, 25 years later bringing a wealth of experience to the table, with the launch of my own private practice, Dietista (“dietitian” in Italian).  


What separates me from many dietitians is my training and expertise in working with children and their families. After receiving a Bachelor of Applied Science from Toronto Metropolitan University in 1995, I completed a pediatric dietetic internship and locum at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. From there, I went on to practice at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton and Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. 


In 2012, following a family move to Winnipeg, and after having taken some time off to focus on being a mom, I re-entered the profession. In my return to practice, I took courses through the University of Manitoba and in 2015 graduated from the Manitoba Partnership Dietetic Education Program. From 2015 – 2017, I joined the team at SSCY (Specialized Services for Children and Youth) as an outpatient dietitian in the Manitoba Home Nutrition Program.  


Since 2018, I have been practicing as a consultant in Winnipeg and during this time have broadened my scope of practice by fostering a special interest in medical nutrition therapy for adults living with chronic conditions.


Whether you are a parent needing support to navigate mealtimes with a picky eater or an adult requiring a special medical diet, I can help. Furthermore, as a self-published author, I recently released My Menopause Journal designed specifically for women living with menopause. 

When I am not working on my business or cooking for family and friends, you might catch a glimpse of me running along one of the beautiful trails in Manitoba. My hope for 2023  is a safe return to travel where I can, hopefully, put my fluency in Italian and love of food to good use! 


Joan Marks, BASc, RD

Certified Craving Change® Facilitator

Owner, Dietista 

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